Possibilities of activities

Walk around in the village, look at the church and listen to the fine carillon, which can be heard as well in the morning as noon and evening, every day.
Take a walk through Gjæven. This is a valley from the glacial period. Through it runs a brook in a very special forest with a lot of birds life.
Direcly from the campingsite you can follow the marked 'red path' through small forrests and along field boundaries in the surroundings of the village.
The anglers also have fine possibilities in theese parts with only 7 km to Karup Å. There is a 'put and take' lake close by, and it is allowed to fish in certain parts of Stubbergårdsø and Flyndersø og Flyndersø.
The cyclists have the choices between good and safe tours along 2 with signposts marked regional bicycletours and along the Marquerite-rute - which all 3 goes through Sevel.
After a good day with many experiences, it might be an idea to spoil yourself with a good meal at the royal privileged ’Sevel Kro’..
During the summer there will be possibilities of guided walking tours. The hole family can bring your lunch-basket on a tours in a horse-drawn carriage to see the moors and the lakes.
Ask in the reception for further information

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